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Astrological Interpretation of the Aura-Soma Trip to Mexico

In February 2003, there will be a sacred journey into Mexico. In the midst of that journey, on the 16th of February, there will be a full moon in Leo conjunct the solar degree of the harmonic convergence of 1987. It is a journey related to this ongoing process of initiation to bring forward the Golden Age of Aquarius. It is connected with the transition we are all now in, which extends through the year 2012. In order to advance that, it is necessary to connect and link together the energies and raise them to their highest potential of realization within each of us.

We focus first on the full moon, both the horoscope for the full moon for Teotihuacán, as well as the locality chart of that full moon, which emphasizes energies of the sun and moon connecting in initiatory symbolism with the Yucatan, and with the area of the Gulf of Mexico, and, with regard to México, the energies of Jupiter, Mars, Vulcan, and Admetos. These are the four primary energies that emphasize their effect through the sacred centers, particularly through Teotihuacán. There is an opening of the energy and an indication of the process of the sacred journey of initiation.

The full moon of Leo of the 16th of February occurs as the sun is setting at 5:52 P.M., Central Standard Time. Within the hour, the moon is rising. The alignment of the energies of the sun and moon, specifically with Uranus, are indicative of an awakening in the heart chakra, and a connecting with the world heart chakra of conscience and consciousness, initiating and opening the way to the Golden Age. This is an empowerment indication vitally connected with the harmonic convergence process, which began on August 16th and 17th, 1987, the chart where the harmonic convergence had the sun exactly the degree where the moon will be full on February 16th. This is the heart degree of Leo, conjunct the heart star Regulus, in Leo, the heart of the lion. This is a lion-hearted initiation to bring forth the love and the awareness of all life and humanity in its most sacred potential, to awaken the heart chakra and to bring forward the Christ light energies, or, as some would say, Quetzalcoatl, the returning of the Christ consciousness and initiating that to bring forward a new Golden Age on earth. It is connected with long cycles of time and all the sacred mysteries of initiation, but it is the central one. Therefore it is in the heart itself. It signifies a great change of heart in the world. It signifies the awakening of love and wisdom for all humanity. It may come at a time of great disturbance or war. It certainly comes at a needed time.

In February, 1987, there was the astronomical sighting of a supernova, which some believe is the blue star that dances in the Golden Age, as envisioned by the Hopi elders. As well by the Mayan mysteries, it is an understanding of the reemergence, through Quetzalcoatl, of Venus, of those energies of love wisdom. The inauguration chart for the trip itself, February the 12th, cast for noon in Mexico City, shows the effort to infuse the material world or dimension with the light of the ages, the light of love and wisdom, and to connect with the incoming energies of the Aquarian Age. It is relevant to the planets, Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, embracing the sun in Aquarius and Vulcan. The line of Vulcan with the sun moves through México and is joined with the energy of the moon for the full moon event.

The full moon, on the 16th, is the key to the entire journey. In the preparation and the development, before and after, according a seven day process of illumination, one could perhaps draw correspondence to each chakra. As the sun is setting on the 16th, the heart chakra is illumined with the wisdom of the initiation of humanity with that which is the divine being we all share as one. It is that which is truly coming to all humanity: the spirit of peace, brotherhood, love and wisdom personified, that which is the arisen individuality-that which is sometimes symbolized as a phoenix rising from ashes. The soul of each individual arises through the heart consciousness, which is the conscience, and through the greater exaltation of the principle of conscience world-wide.

The energy centers, such as the Great Pyramid and all the pyramids, that are sacred over the globe, center on Teotihuacán--being the path of the sun and the moon, and the effort alchemically to unify the sun and moon within each individual, to bring forward the arising of the complete and perfected soul, or the crowning, as the Christing of the soul, in the incarnation, which then becomes reunited with the Divine.

It is an initiation of the 5th order of the heart chakra that is necessary in the midst of this passage of changes, which began in 1987, and is now in its 15th year, and in 2003 will be in its 16th year.

It is the time of awakening-much like in the Tarot cards, the Lightening-struck Tower represents that which awakens and reveals the true self. However, in that process the false self is destructured, and in discarding of the shell of the outer aspect of self, there is set free and allowed to arise the true self, the phoenix, the inner self of the soul. It must come from the heart, in the midst where all being and consciences meet. The lines of energy are fully activated by the 16th, as the sun sets and the moon and sun in their line of energies irradiate Chichen Itza and the Yucatan peninsula with the full glory of those energies as a whole, which may be called Quetzalcoatl, that which returns, to bring the world forward into this awakening.

By the 20th of February, perhaps many will be fulfilling the journey to Chichen Itza. The journey is to weave together the seven and the nine, to bring forth each individuality to the entirety-with everyone-as everyone-or God. It is that elevation to the God initiation, or the God/Goddess initiation within each. It is the healing and a clearing and a reaffirmation of energies. It is to bring peace. It is to bring hope. It is to bring a wholeness of joy of life. It is ultimately the sacred union of the sun and moon: the alchemical fusion which creates the gold of the soul. It is that which takes place in each person-and empowers each person's soul-to work for the service to the good in the peace and in the healing of the planet. It is more than a sacred pilgrimage; it is indeed a very sacred journey of initiation.

It is important for each person to hold to the light of their truth in their heart and mind and will, and to bring these into unity with their soul's design or purpose, which is the will of Heaven, the design of the Divine. The trip is therefore also a means, hopefully, of healing the planet, and bringing about the conditions from which these great transitions of change can be achieved, with a minimum of harm, and with a maximum of benefit for all.

******************************************************************************* The line that moves through Oaxaca, which is the arising place of the Quetzalcoatl energy, is representative of the energy of the light of the true potential human being, who has a divine incarnate principle of love and wisdom. That energy is related to the freeing from the outer shell, to liberate, arise, and bring forward the inner truth, or soul of the person, and to birth this Golden Age. These energies then go from Teotihuacán and, like a cradle, arc into Chichen Itza, from the 12th and 13th all the way to the 19th and 20th of February 2003.

The conjunction of the Sun and Uranus, awakening this Golden Age of Aquarius, is aligned with the Moon in Leo, awakening in the heart chakra the presence of the divine conscience. By helping to bring forward the community of all humanity, this helps turn the tide towards peace and light arising, away from what could be a time of great danger in the world.

It is a sacred journey for the individual, for the group, and for the collective whole of humanity, a world work. It is in that spirit to be approached. It is empowered by Mars conjunct Pluto, which favors the ascendant for Teotihuacán, the ascendant being Leo, and is making again the perfect or grand triangle as was made also at the time of the harmonic convergence in the fire signs. This is the identifying signature of the harmonic convergence energies.

The world has been in a process of initiation for many thousands of years. For the past thousand years it has been awaiting the awakening and the arising of the heavenly hero, Quetzalcoatl, or that spirit of humanity which will come forward in everyone of like mind and spirit, of heart and soul, at a time when it is most importantly needed.

It becomes very much an awakening of the heart, a flow of energies of love and wisdom, and a sense of empowerment to go forth, to serve, and to advance the dawning of the Golden Age.

Of great importance are the lines of Mars and Pluto. These lines also move through México. They address the harmony and balance of ancient energies and karmas of Lemuria and Atlantis, which, in different times, were met in the same lands. They were met as those who journeyed from Mu, or Lemuria, to México, or journeyed from Atlantis likewise later to Mexico. They deposited there is these sacred centers a light that would be brought forward at this time. This light would be the hope of the world. The darkness of the time is signified by Mars/Pluto. It is mainly two things: the earth changes and the threat of war.

It is indeed a privilege of initiation, to participate in the bringing forward of this light for the world. Correspondingly, there is the arising of Atlantis, as has already begun in areas such as off Cuba and other places, which will by then most likely be presiding in other places. Also with the arising of Mu and Lemurian energies, there is the need to balance these energies respectively, that the Lemurian are of the heart chakra, and the Atlantean of the crown.

To continue and fulfill that which was begun in Mu and Atlantis, and to raise these combined energies to their highest expression is the potential of the transformation centered in Mexico and with its alignment of energies worldwide: to reconcile the man and woman, to reconcile the heart and mind, the yin and yang, to bring together the energies of love and wisdom, the mother/father energies, and to heal that in each of us.

It is a very sacred initiation of energy of the heart, of love, of relationship, and an energy of caring and sharing.

Characterizing that energy, increasing since 1987, is the wish in this world for love of brotherhood and sisterhood, and the friendship and the caring and the sharing mentioned in terms of this Golden Age. It is empowered with the sun and moon, and with Uranus moving its lines through that Yucatan peninsula. It is joined by the asteroid Hygia, connected with healing work and the transneptunian planet, Admetos. These represent the healing that releases from form that which no longer serves life, reveals the essence which is the soul, and feeds that soul. The soul can go forth to help heal the world.

It is very much an initiation of empowerment: a fifth initiation that energizes the evolution in each center and has an over flow that is an extra benefit. When one's personal cup is overflowing, then there can be an abundance of energy for the world, perhaps for helping people in distress and for grace flowing more fully. As an empowerment of abundance, it is empowerment of sacred union with the soul, truly to the soul mate. There are many of these blessings that flow from this journey. It is a journey that clears the last of karmas from previous ages and opens the way for the incoming grace and those abundances of blessings mentioned.

It is active, to advance the transformation of energies generally and inter-dimensionally. This is the resonance of the third dimension we live in, with the ninth dimension, to help bring heaven to earth.

The whole concept of the Golden Age is bringing heaven to earth and the establishment of paradise on earth. This leads to a liberation from time, with the effect of reversing the aging process, a healing of the difficulties in the third dimensional state of body by that which is the infusion of the light of the soul and the energy of the spirit. The understanding is to work with the energy in the mode of alchemical transformation.

The journey, the initiation, the trip, is entirely an alchemical transformative one. This is verified objectively by the indications of the astrology. What is really striking is that again and again there is confirmation of this by the planetary energies connecting with key points that are solar essentially. The moon on February the 12th in this chart is in the solstice degree of zero Cancer. That is the grail degree. That is considered also a primary indicator of this alchemy and of this love poured forth to all humanity, living spirit of the waters of truth of Aquarius. It is brought home by that which is more of a direct nurturing and caring. Is the nourishing of the feeding of energies to the soul, and through each individual and group soul to the planet, and to the world as one family, as a world civilization.

As the grail degree and a grail quest energy, it is linked to the grail quest in all areas where it is awakening in the years ahead, whether Scotland, France, or Shambala, or wherever heaven is coming to earth.

It is an incredible linkage of the efforts of many, many souls and beings working irrespective of time and space and place, all together. The trip itself has a potential of achievement to awaken, to initiate, to liberate, and to bring forward the energies for the world. There is a primary purpose to bring peace and heaven to earth, eventually, in the cycle of the nine years from 2003 to 2012, or the fulfillment of the harmonic convergence.

That is the inauguration of a new world on this earth. In order to bring heaven to this earth, in order to bring the light, the wisdom, and the love of the heavens to this earth, it is to realize and awaken to these and to bring these forth in each other and ourselves. When a particular effort is resonant with this work, you have these indications as this one is. So it is a great opportunity, a great blessing, and a great challenge-to some extent. It is also likely that in February 2003, it will not be the simplest or easiest of times in most of the world. It will be the most needed and advantageous times to bring forth this light, love, and wisdom. It is therefore most appropriate. It is a blessing over all for all who partake.

It is the culmination of many lifetimes of many cycles, of epochs. It is related to over three hundred thousand years of work that the groups have been engaged in as a group soul phenomenon. It has that which began in Mu and Lemuria and which went through the cycles of Atlantis. It now has come to this point in the 21st century of our modern world, a point of tremendous converging of energies of galactic and inter-galactic nature. The harmonic convergence is particularly signified as well by the energies that are aligned with the galactic and super galactic field or energy centers. To that extent, the chart for the full moon is particularly linked to bringing together the galactic and super galactic energies, bringing heaven to earth in that sense. It is particularly advancing from the super galactic plane those initiatives of the hierarch to embody on this earth, and also to bring forth all of those of the hierarchy in each of us, that represent the real and the full archetype of the human potential. It is primarily a healing shamanic journey. It will clear the way. From those initiations of February 2003, there will more readily flow the combination of energies that are totally aligned with the Aquarian age dawning.

At the time of the full moon in Leo, there is Mercury, Neptune, Vulcan, the Sun, and Uranus, all in Aquarius. Athena is in Pisces. There is the ascendance of Leo, Jupiter in Leo, the Moon and Transpluto and the Earth all in Leo. All of this perfectly epitomizes and characterizes the dawn of the Golden Age. This initiation opens the way to further initiation, to fulfilling initiations for those souls that have so long journeyed in seeking them.

We certainly see the presence of angels: specifically and outstandingly the archangel Uriel, the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and the presence of many angels assisting this effort and this initiation. We see their help in the assisting of the motions and transfers of energies, not only through the planets, sun, and stars, but through the galaxies and the associations of galaxies.

It is a unique time of an inflow to the earth of these energies, and the assisting of that inflow by those angelic intelligences which are guiding forces. The individual transformation is assured by the Moon in Leo and the archangel Gabriel. This is helped by the guidance and presence, as well, of masters of wisdom and the bringing together of many who have been, and are to be again, leaders in this work. For at that point, there is the revealing and the awakening in those people that then, collectively around the world, will unify as that greater association of world serving souls to bring forward this Golden Age.

There is also a work of that time of balancing and unifying the energies of the hemispheres. This is particularly true along the line in the latitude indicated that enters into the Atlantic Ocean and is the 20th northern latitude from Teotihuacán. There is a star, or sun, rising that is the companion to this star, or sun, that we call "the sun". In other words, there is to this star we call the sun, a twin. Likewise for each of us, there is that twin soul, and that principal of brotherhood and sisterhood, which lies also in the sphere of friendship and within the sphere of union of soul mates, and energizes, blesses, and benefits each at these times. It can be a communion and a communication of energy for such benefit which will be more clear in the months preceding the event. Those specifically focus in the month of August in this year of 2002 in which I speak. For again, it is a line of development connected most with the idea of the harmonic convergence. It is the entrance to that 16th year of the 25 year process that is in August of 2002. Likewise, it is a high energy point. So, many will not be certain of their journey as yet, whereas others will be surprised.

That which is the element of surprise is indicated by Uranus. That surprising part may be that there is a calling of those to participate in this opportunity of a journey of initiation. There is also this aspect of surprise in connection with Guadalupe, connecting with the Great Mother, and in that which heals the relations of the yin and yang, female and male, in every relationship, and in every person, which also is the unifying and harmonizing of the heart and the mind in each individual. Not only the aspirations, the high ideas, and ideals, but the true feelings, wishes and the energy and power of the same are brought together. Together they can change the world for the better. So it is to bring together the male and female.

It is like that old, old story of Mu and Atlantis and the characterizing of that as the struggle between the male and female. It is ultimately in order to bring peace. There is a need to bring a resolution of that struggle, and a resolve of that duality of energy into a unity-a harmonic cooperation. The idea of a harmonic convergence could also be called a harmonic cooperation, and an alignment.

This, all the way through, is and must be in line with the plan of the planets, the stars, and the entire universe. Indeed, they are there. They are at work. They are cooperating to bring through, through the circle of the moon at the full moon, and through to the earth by the sacred centers through the heart, with the mind, spirit and soul, through to the body. Then, uprising in the body, will be an awakening which will renew and heal the life, not only for humanity, but for all of earths' sentient beings; for all the plants, for all the animals, for everyone.

It is something also that benefits as well all the beings of not only our system of the sun, but also of the parallel systems and companion systems. It resonates throughout the universe. There are such moments or points of a galactic opening. It is not just the sacred pilgrimage.

It is a sacred pilgrimage coordinated with the sacred time. It is honoring these cycles and rhythms that unify the earth with the heavens. It is honoring in each of us the unity, the harmony, and the love which links us all together. There is a great group work. This is part of that work most definitely. It benefits all of supportive intention. It resonates to benefit all who are connected with anyone who is connected with it. It brings blessings. It brings grace where there was karma. It is clear to me that it comes at a time of struggle, turmoil, and darkness in the world, much, much more so even than now. It is clear to me that it comes at a point where it can transform the energies to such an extent that it really will heal the planet. It could free the planet, and all beings of the planet, from the turmoil and strife that may beset us at that time, and in any other time. It is for the ages. It is most certainly bringing forward energies which can be transferred to every level: mind, body, spirit. Every level can benefit.

When an astrologer does a reading like this, of course an astrologer is connecting into the energy of the event. The energy I feel from this is, I hope, represented by some of the words I am using. It is certainly a remarkable and very fine energy. It is certainly a nourishment of energies from which this new Golden Age of Aquarius can be born and come to grow.

I am struck by the locality energies, and energies especially through Vulcan and Mars, that have to do with the realignment of the will of the individual with the will of heaven. In other words, in approaching this pilgrimage and journey, there is an acknowledgement and indication that it is an act in agreement with the will of heaven. It is to bring the will of heaven to earth. It is always to remember in the midst of that the reunion of the divine mother and father. You see such as the Virgin of Guadalupe and such as that which is represented particularly with the centers: Teotihuacán, Chichen Itza and Oaxaca. These are sacred initiatory centers empowered, infused with an energy from those that came from the mother land of Mu and/or the land, the father land of Atland or Atlantis. It is where the mother and father meet. From their meeting is born the child. What is crucial and this goes back to 1987, is that there is a child: the supernova, which is a birth of a star, the death and the birth of a star.

The super nova in 1987, which in February (I believe it was on the 12th, as a matter of fact) was sighted from an observatory in Chili and became the sign. It appeared in the clouds of heaven. It appeared in the Magdalene clouds. It certainly is resonant with the prophecy saying that the light of the Christ would be seen again in the clouds in those periods from 1958 to 1998. The only event I can remember and look to centers on 1987. It is still ongoing in its realization and its unfoldment. It needs to be complemented, just as much as that which is the energy of the lion heart must be complemented, with the wisdom of the spirit of human consciousness and conscience.

The courage to be, and the wisdom of how to be, the knowledge and understanding, come together in this initiation of the heart chakra. This then opens the way for the flow of energies to the crown chakra, the realization of the Christ. It is this which is the mother seen in the image of Guadalupe: the mother of heaven, the divine, the infinite mother within us all giving birth to that which is born of the cosmic egg: the cosmic child, our own soul. Blessings John Ramsey

******************************************************************************* John Ramsey is an excellent astrologer and has been a dear friend for many years. In July of 1967 he had an experience of being contacted by Dhwal Khul and other guides. He was requested to help in the furtherance of Esoteric Astrology and in making this available to people. He has access to the Akashic records and works with guides and masters from the etheric plane. John does Astrology readings, Composite Relationship readings and Astro-Cartography. John has been the astrological consultant for the new Aura-Soma Astrology poster. He can be reached to request consultations at, or at P.O. Box 1123, Waynesboro, Virginia, 22980, USA.

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